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Dorrigo and Guy Fawkes Agricultural Association

4180 Waterfall Way, Dorrigo 2453, New South Wales, Australia
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The Dorrigo & GuyFawkes Agricultural Show is on again in November 2017 and we are celebrating the Beef industry on the Plateau. Dorrigo is a great place to live and visit. The charming town has good places to eat, interesting shops and a variety of accommodation. Set in spectacular scenery on a plateau, it is a place that pleases and eases the soul. Although close to trendy Bello and coastal beaches, you’ll find plenty to do without leaving the area. Why don’t you visit us on our Show weekend? Run by volunteers who are passionate about where they live and what they do, with something for everyone. Go on, ink it in on your calendar. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with Dorrigo.

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4180 Waterfall Way, Dorrigo 2453, New South Wales, Australia

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