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Dorrigo Plateau U3A Incorporated- University of the Third Age

55 Hickory Street, Dorrigo 2453, New South Wales, Australia
0419 333 525
0419 333 525
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committee u3aThe Dorrigo Plateau University of the Third Age Incorporated,  [U3A], is a not-for-profit organisation, and is administered entirely by volunteers. These dedicated people look after the detailed running of the group, especially involved in arranging courses, sessions and workshops over a variety of interesting subjects.

Our voluntary tutors freely donate their time and are willing to share their skills and life experiences with members of the U3A group; this results in everyone learning for pleasure, both tutors and participants.

  The "University of the Third Age" or U3A, is open to anyone who wants to learn things, not for qualifications, but for the reward of learning and the joy of discovery.







Newsletter :            

Read our latest Newsletter :U3A newsletter june 2019.pdf

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 Membership runs from January to December each year and is $25 per member. 

As a member you are entitled to attend any courses you choose, but if you decide to attend a course or workshop, it is essential that you contact the tutor and register  for the course before attending; this is important because if a tutor thinks there are not enough participants for a course, seven days before the course begins, then the course may be cancelled.  

When attending a session, you will be asked to state your membership number, before the session begins.    

A small donation may be requested from participants in some courses to assist with the hire of venues.

If you become a member, and have a friend, not a member, who would like to attend a session with you, you may invite them, for one session only, after which they will be asked to become a member, if they wish to continue attending.

It's useful to know that Members of the Dorrigo Plateau U3A are also entitled to attend courses in other U3A groups without further payment. 

To take part in this exciting venture, you can become a member by applying for membership on the form you can download;  u3a_MEMBERSHIP_FORM_2020_.pdf;  OR you can pick up a form at the information centre in Hickory Street, Dorrigo.

The tutor of the course can tell you about all this.

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Management Committee:

Our Management Committee are all volunteers:

President................................Jenny Hawkins          0438 613 509

Secretary................................Martin Pearce             0419 333 525

Treasurer................................ Martin Pearce           0419 333 525

Member..................................Clare Beckett             0412 639 588

Member...................................Christine Moore       0431 510 275

Member (Publicity)............... Jenny Hawkins         0438 613 509

Member and Public Officer.....Julie Ward               0419 558 028

Member..................................Kath  Cook               6657 1182

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Session and Workshop News

28th January 2020 TO 9th April 2020

 Download Our Latest Session Schedule:







A Miscellaneous Medley:

Various topics here, including armchair subject is out of bounds











Tech Savvy for Seniors:

















Dorrigo Plateau U3A Discussion Forum:


 The Discussion Group favours interesting  and wide-ranging discussions about issues of the day in which you could have your say and learn about other people's opinions and views.

These sessions are held each alternate Wednesday at 1.30pm at the Food Angel Dorrigo;

Please contact Chris Moore 0431 510 275 or Warren Brisley on 0432 040 310

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Disrupt Ageing!

Balance Your Life with a flexible Approach  


Flex and Stretch:  

This class is designed to improve balance and flexibility and therefore better health and wellness. It is held each Tuesday at 9.30am in Dorrigo.

There will be a small contribution per session towards the cost of hiring the hall.

Interested in maintaining your life style for as long as possible ?  Want to minimise your likelihood of falls in the future ? 

Then consider joining our group of like-minded members !

To register please contact Martin on 0419 333 525  

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Genealogy  -  "Who do you think you are?":

Genealogy sessions will continue all year round at the library on Fridays.

Sessions are for advanced as well as beginners in searching for your family history, but class size is restricted, so you must make a reservation with Martin.


Please contact Martin on 0419 333 525   for details

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 AUSSIE FLAGThese sessions run all year round in school terms.

There are classes for beginners, at the Dorrigo Library 
Please contact:

Jenny Hawkins ( 0438 613 509)

or Barbara Dwyer (0428 857 307)  for the intermediate level sessions;

and Rigoberto Briones on 0425 820 958  or  for details of the advanced sessions, held at the Club Room, Heritage Hotel Dorrigo.



Estas sesiones se llevan a cabo durante todo el año en términos escolares.

Hay clases para principiantes, en la Biblioteca Dorrigo.
Por favor contactar:

Jenny Hawkins (0438613509)

o Barbara Dwyer (0428 857 307) para las sesiones de nivel intermedio;

y Rigoberto Briones el 0425 820 958 o para detalles de las sesiones avanzadas, que se celebraron en la Sala Club, Heritage Hotel Dorrigo.

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Would you consider being a tutor for our members? 

Perhaps you have a skill or experience that would be interesting to others?

If you or someone you know would be prepared to tutor a course, workshop or session for the group, then please use the course proposal form in "services provided" section here,  pick up a form at the information centre on Hickory Street Dorrigo, or email us at For further details or enquiries, please contact the secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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        Click on links below to view and/or download :

If you are interested in attending one of our courses, and you are not yet a member of the U3A, download and complete a membership application form ( click here ) and forward it to us as shown on the form.

Tutors please use this attendance register to record attendance at each session.


  You can also check at the Dorrigo Library and the Information Centre in Hickory Street, Dorrigo for these forms.

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